Postdoctoral Fellows

Danielle Denley, PICS Postdoctoral Fellow 
Current Position – Senior Marine Biologist, BC Government

Hidden Impacts of Climate Change on Canada’s Undersea Forests




Margot Hessing-Lewis, Hakai Postdoctoral Fellow 2015
Current Position – Hakai Scientist – Marine Nearshore Ecology



Kira Krumhansl

Kira Krumhansl, Hakai Postdoctoral Fellow 2015



Dan Okamoto

Dan Okamoto, Hakai Postdoctoral Fellow 2016
Current Position – Post-Doc at Florida State University/UCSB

Personal Website





Marco Hatch

Marco Hatch, National Science Foundation OCE Postdoctoral Fellow 2016




kyle-demesKyle Demes, Hakai Postdoctoral Fellow 2015
Current Position – Director, Institutional Strategic Awards, Simon Fraser University



Graduate Students

Maya Guttmann, MRM 2022

“I’d like to see it come back”: The revitalization of Tsleil-Waututh Nation clam tending in Burrard Inlet




Meredith Fraser, MRM 2021

Grazing by kelp crabs amplifies impacts of climate-induced bryzoan outbreaks on kelp




Heather Earle, MRM 2020

Assessing late Holocene variability in sea otter prevalence in two areas of coastal British Columbia using archaeological and isotopic data




Sachi  Sachi Ouchi, MRM 2019

Diversification within reduced fisheries portfolios signals opportunities for adaptation among a coastal Indigenous community



IMG_4591 - Version 2 – Version 3Jenn Burt, PhD 2019

Navigating co-existence: Ecological drivers and social implications of predator-induced regime shifts in the Northeast Pacific



fullsizeoutput_1128 Erin Slade, MRM 2019

Archaeological and contemporary evidence indicates low sea otter prevalence on the Pacific Northwest coast during the late Holocene




Lynn LeeDr. Lynn Lee, PhD 2018
Advancing abalone conservation by revealing change in predator-prey interactions and social-ecological resilience through time




2015-03-22 08.22.19-1Gabby Pang, Masters Graduate 2018
Recovery of keystone predation magnifies community niche space by expanding trophic level diversity and shifting basal resources





DSC_0697.JPGHannah Kobluk, Masters Graduate 2018
Temperature, size and harvest method drive recovery in an Indigenous kelp fishery



natashaNatasha Salter, Masters Graduate 2018
Ancient clam gardens magnify bivalve production by moderating temperature and enhancing sediment carbonate





Carolyn Prentice, Masters Graduate 2018
Reduced water motion enhances organic carbon stocks in temperate eelgrass meadows





Markus Thompson, Masters Graduate 2017

Personal Website



Josh SilbergJosh Silberg, Masters Graduate 2015
Current Position – Science Communications Coordinator, Hakai Institute
josh.silberg[at] — Personal Website
Indirect effects of sea otters on temperate reef fish




Leah Honka, Masters Graduate 2014
Current Position – Skeena Salmon Program Coordinator, Pacific Salmon Foundation
Quantifying the drivers and mechanisms of sea otter foraging behaviour on the central coast of BC, Canada


Dr. Rowan TrebilIMG_3519co, PhD 2014 (Co-Supervised by Dr. Nick Dulvy)
Current Position – Ecological Statistician, Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre, Hobart Tasmania
Size-based insight into the structure and function of reef fish communities


Kyle EmpringhamKyle Empringham, Masters Graduate 2013
Current Position – Public Engagement Specialist for BC and Western Canada, David Suzuki Foundation
Marine conservation in nonprofits: An analysis of advocacy and outreach campaigns


Amy Groesbeck

Amy Groesbeck, Masters Graduate 2013
Current Position – Biologist, Natural Resource Department, Tulalip Tribe
Ancient clam gardens increased production: Adaptive strategies from the past can inform food security today



Christine Gruman.Christine Gruman, Masters Graduate 2013

Current Position – Manager of Natural ResourcesHuu-ay-aht First Nations Government
Context-Dependence of a Cross-System Trophic Cascade in Gwaii Haanas, British Columbia

Britt KeelingBritt Keeling, Masters Graduate 2013
Current Position – Fisheries Biologist, Alberta Conservation Association
Quantifying the magnitude and mechanisms driving Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasi) egg loss on the Central Coast of British Columbia, Canada

Erica Olson, Erica OlsonMasters Graduate 2011
Current Position – Systems Ecologist, ESSA Technologies
Large-scale movement patterns of male loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) in Shark Bay, Australia
Movement Patterns of Male Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta) in the Eastern Indian Ocean



Mary vonderportenMary von der Porten, Masters Graduate 2010
Current Position – Veterinary School, University of Saskatchewan
Quantifying the spatial ecology of human-bear conflict in a wildland-urban landscape


Undergraduate Students

Emily Spencer, NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant 2020




1458423316805Tanya Prinzing, NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant 2016

Age Distributions of a Long-Lived Kelp Reveal the Timing of Algal Recovery Following Sea Otter Range Expansion – WSN 2016 Poster




Amanda Schrack & Andrea Chee, CMEC Lab Undergraduate Volunteers 2016
Kelp mapping project

Check out the fruits of the kelp mapping project labour here.


Amanda and Sebastian - 2014 vol mappers.jpgAmanda Schrack & Sebastian Mather, CMEC Lab Undergraduate Volunteers 2015
Kelp mapping project



Jordanna Bergman - USRA 2015.pngJordanna Bergman, NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant 2015
Current position – Marine Fisheries Biologist, Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (St. Petersburg, Florida)

Kelp harvest project and kelp forest monitoring
WSN 2015 – Kelp Harvest Poster



Daniel TanDaniel Tan, NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant 2015
Kelp bed remote sensing work



christinestevenson.jpegChristine Stevenson, Lab Manager 2014-2015, NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant 2014, Directed Studies Student 2014
Current Position – Master’s Student, University of British Columbia, Pacific Salmon Ecology and Conservation Lab
Accounting for size-specific predation improves our ability to predict the strength of a trophic cascade
The effects of multiple predators on the size structure of red sea urchin populations in BC


AngeleenAngeleen Olson, Honours Student, Lab Manager, NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant 2012-2014
Current Position – Master’s Student, University of Victoria, Juanes Lab
Best Poster – Western Society of Naturalists Conference 2013 – Using stable isotopes to model niche widths of Haida Gwaii rockfish



Gabby Pang

Gabby Pang, SFU VPR Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant 2014
Current Position – Master’s Student, Simon Fraser University, School of Resource & Environmental Management, Cooper Lab


Angie Coulter

Angie Coulter, Research Assistant 2014
Current Position – Fishing Effort Research Assistant, Sea Around Us Project, University of British Columbia


Nicole Stamnes

Nicole Stamnes, Directed Studies 2014
Comparing Salinity Tolerance of Kelp species local to Burrard Inlet: Saccharina latissima, Costaria costata, and Nereocystis luetkeana



Christina McKenzieChristina McKenzie, NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant 2012
Current Position – Veterinary School, University of Saskatchewan
Herring roe as a spatial-temporal dietary subsidy in rockfish



Brooke DavisBrooke Davis, NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant 2010, 2011 & Research Associate 2011-2012
Current Position – Master’s Student, University of Washington’s School of Fisheries and Aquatic Science
Ecosystem-level effects of sea otter (Enhydra lutris) recolonization on rocky intertidal communities of British Columbia’s Central Coast



Matt DrakeMatt Drake, NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant 2010
The effects of marine protection on rockfish diets in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada

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