Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
(Underline denotes CMEC Students & Postdoctoral Fellows)

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Groesbeck, A., K. Rowell, D. Lepofsky, A.K. Salomon. 2014. Ancient Clam Gardens Increased Shellfish Production: Adaptive Strategies from the Past Can Inform Food Security TodayPLOS One, 9(3).
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Tewksbury, J.J., T. A. Wheeler, J. D. Bakker, S.E. Hampton, D.J. Levey, P.D., S.C. Trombulak, M.J. Groom, M.E. Power, K. Rowell, N.J. Machnicki, A.K. Salomon, C. Martinez del Rio, J.G. T. Anderson, T.J. Billo, S.G. Herman, J.L. Ruesink, L. Stacey. 2014. Natural History’s Place in Science and SocietyBioscience 64(4): 300-310.
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Peer-Reviewed Books and Book Chapters

Salomon, A.K., B.J. Wilson, E. White, N. Tanape Sr., T. M. Happynook. 2015. First Nations perspectives on sea otter conservationLarson, S, Bodkin, J, VanBlaricom, G in British Columbia and Alaska; Insights into coupled human-ocean systems.
In: Sea Otter Conservation. Eds: S. Larson, G. VanBlaricom and J. Bodkin. Elsevier.


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In: The Archaeology of Food: An Encyclopedia. Ed: K. Metheny. Rowman & Littlefield.


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In: Observation and Ecology; Broadening the Scope of Science to Understand a Complex World. Editors: Rafe Sagrin and Anubal Pauchard. Island Press.


Salomon, A.K., N. Tanape Sr., H.P. Huntington. 2011. Imam Cimiucia; Our Changing Sea. Alaska Sea Grant & University of Alaska Presssged70-250
Winner of the Alaska Library Association’s 2012 Alaskana Award for its “significant literary contribution to the understanding of Alaska and Alaskan history.”
Winner of the National Association of Government Communicators’ 2012 Award for best book


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