Manuscripts In Review

Manuscripts In Review
(Underline denotes CMEC Students or Postdoctoral Fellows)

Trebilco, R., N.K. Dulvy, S.C. Anderson, A.K. Salomon. In Review. Submitted to Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences July 7th 2014. The paradox of inverted biomass pyramids in kelp forest fish communities.

Keeling, B., M. Hessing-Lewis, C. Housty, E. Gregr, A.K. Salomon. In Review. Submitted to Fish and Fisheries June 5st 2014. Quantifying egg loss rates of a schooling forage fish: Implications for estimating population abundance.

Jackley, J., L. Gardner, A. Djunaedi, A.K. Salomon. In Review. Submitted to Ecology and Society May 6th 2014. Ancient clam gardens, traditional management portfolios, and the resilience of coupled human-ocean systems.
Student-led project from 2013 Resilience of Social Ecological Systems graduate field class (REM 660)

Olson, E.L., A.K. Salomon . In Review. Submitted to Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment May 9th 2014. A novel type of data screening: Observations from satellites and fishermen match-up to inform the conservation of an endangered species.

Molloy, P.P., W. Bo, M.D. Fortes, R.L. Pressey, J.H. Primavera, A.K. Salomon, J.K. Turpie, A.C.J. Vincent. Accepted with Revisions. Conservation of shallow-sea ecosystems. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems.

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