Technical Reports

Refereed Technical Reports
(Underline denotes CMEC Students or Postdoctoral Fellows)

Burt, J.M., P. Akins, E. Latham, M. Beck, A.K. Salomon, N. Ban. 2014. Marine protected area network design features that support resilient human-ocean systems. p. 1-57

Trebilco, R., K.W. Demes, L.C. Lee, B.E. Keeling, N.A. Sloan, H.L. Stewart, and A.K. Salomon. 2014. Summary of baseline kelp forest surveys within and adjacent to Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve and Haida Heritage Site, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada. Fisheries and Oceans Canada. p.1-33

Jessen, S., K. Chan, I. Côté, P. Dearden, E. De Santo, M.J. Fortin, J. Gardener, F. Guichard, W. Haider, L. Honka, G. Jamieson, D.L. Kramer, A. McCrea-Strub, R. Menafra, M. Mulrennan, W.A. Montevecchi, J. Roff, A.K. Salomon and A. Woodley. 2011. Science-based guidelines for MPAs and MPA networks in Canada. Vancouver: Canadian parks and Wilderness Society. p. 1- 58

Salomon, A.K.  2006.  Investigating the relative roles of natural factors and shoreline harvest in altering the community structure, dynamics and diversity of the Kenai Peninsula’s rocky intertidal, Gulf Ecosystem Monitoring and Research Project Final Report (GEM Project 030647), University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.

Bunday, A., G. Giannico, C. Holt, A. Salomon. 2005. An analysis of how natural sciences are addressing fisheries within the context of conservation. In: Innovation and outlook in fisheries; An assessment of research presented at the 4th World Fisheries Congress. Eds. R. Chuenpagdee, A. Bunday. UBC Fisheries Center Report 13: 18-34.

Salomon, A.K., A. Fukuyama, D. Urban, G. Eckert, S. Saupe. 2004. Recommendations towards an ecosystem-based approach to marine invertebrate conservation in Alaska. Prepared for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Conservation Wildlife Strategy.

Salomon, A.K. 2000. The role of marine protected areas in temperate marine ecosystems; an analysis of empirical evidence, site selection methodology and design principles. Canadian Heritage Parks Canada, Western Canada Service Center.

Non-Refereed Technical Reports

Silberg, J.N., L. Honka, K.W. Demes, J.M. Burt and A.K. Salomon. 2014. Direct and Indirect Effects of Sea Otter Recovery on the Central Coast of British Columbia. p.44.

Puckett, M., D. Lepofsky, S. Formosa, K. Rowell, and A.K. Salomon. 2012. Quadra Island clam garden archaeological field report. p. 28.

Hessing-Lewis, M., B. Keeling, A. Gerrard, and A.K. Salomon. 2011. Investigating the social and ecological causes and consequences of Pacific herring declines in BC’s Central Coast. 2011 Field Report. p.26

Lee. L., B. Davis, and A.K. Salomon. 2011. Investigating the ecological consequences of sea otter recovery in the Central Coast of British Columbia. Coastal Marine Ecology and Conservation Lab. School of Resource and Environmental Management.

Caldwell, M., T. Clark, D. Lepofsky, A. Groesbeck, A.K. Salomon and K. Rowell. 2011. Quadra Island 2010 Clam Garden Exploration.

Lee, L., R. Trebilco, A.K. Salomon. 2010. Kelp forest food webs in Gwaii Haanas; Ecosystem-Level effects of predator depletion and recovery. 2009 Field Report. Coastal Marine Ecology and Conservation Lab. School of Resource and Environmental Management.

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